BUSI 409 Final Exam 2 – Nonprofit Management


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BUSI 409 Final Exam 2 – Nonprofit management Liberty University

  1. The CEO of a nonprofit organization and his staff are preparing a flood evacuation plan. This is an example of:
  2. Michael Worth writes that social entrepreneurs are:
  3. Although philanthropy in some form is common around the world, organize fundraising and philanthropy on a massive scale are still primarily a(an)         phenomenon.
  4. Manny gave a nonprofit organization a $10,000 gift to be used to cover the implementation cost of a new program. This is an example of a(an):
  5. According to Carney and Ross, which country has achieve some of the largest mass participation fundraising events?
  6. Business ventures may also be referred to as:
  7. The current realities of government funding favor ________________.
  8. Charitable nonprofits must report their lobbying expenses on:
  9. Corporate sponsorships offer nonprofits the benefits of added revenue and through the company’s promotion of the relationship.
  10. This type of organization has some programs in other countries. But it is governed within and maintains a focus on its home country.
  11. Until recently, China required fundraising organizations to:
  12. This type of organization is one that has activities throughout the world and that probably has a governance structure that places decision-making in the hands of individuals from multiple countries.
  13. A nonprofit CEO and his staff are discussing the status of their nonprofit’s influence on achieving its mission. Mandy commented the organization has experienced a roller coaster ride of ups and downs over the years. And it may be time to reassess the organization’s processes. According to Andreasen, this nonprofit is in which stage of social change? busi 409 final exam
  14. This concept usually involves the analysis of various financial ratios that may provide indicators of trends and the organization’s financial health.
  15. According to Bolt, state governments may be more likely than federal grants to:
  16. A nonprofit organization used social media to develop a large network of donors. This is an example of:
  17. These are organizations whose primary purpose is to design and implement economic development projects.
  18. Includes any communication the organization has “with legislators or government officials who participate in the formulation of legislation or with its own members with regard to specific legislation and that expresses a view on it.”
  19. Organizations that employ professional lobbyists and spend more than $12,500 on lobbying at the federal level must meet the requirements of:
  20. The executive director of the Global Good Fund argues that reliance on earned income makes an organization: busi 409 final exam
  21. Successful partnerships have logic to them, and a nonprofit seeking a corporate sponsor needs to think in terms of the company’s:
  22. The first step in pursuing government support is to:
  23. A nonprofit board of directors is working to establish an endowment investment portfolio that will earn enough income to match higher future costs. This is an example of applying the: