BUSI 1002 Week 1 Quiz with Answers


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BUSI 1002 Week 1 /BUSI­1002­1 ­Intro to Mgmt and Leadership

  1. Jane, who heads the Finance team, monitors the work performance of her team members to determine if the quality of their work is “up to standard.” Jane is engaging in which function?
  2. Who is responsible for finding the best way to organize human and other resources to achieve organizational goals?
  3. The ability of a worker in the accounting department to prepare the organization’s balance sheet is an example of a(n):
  4. TeleTop Corporation is planning to eliminate a few redundant departments and reduce levels in the organizational hierarchy to lower operating costs. This is an example of:
  5. All of the following statements are true regarding the role of IT in empowering employees, EXCEPT:
  6. Managers who initiate major changes in their organizations are often high on:
  7. Upon joining a new firm, Carrie understands from her colleagues that the organization places a high value personal integrity and does not tolerate any sort of unethical behavior. Such unwritten, informal codes of conduct are referred to as:
  8. Which of the following would NOT directly affect the level of job satisfaction in a country?
  9. An organization’s culture is most like its:
  10. Managers maintain and transmit culture through all of the following EXCEPT: