BUS 644 Week 1 Midas Case Study, Discussions 1 and 2


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BUS 644 Week 1 Assignment, Midas Case Study

Midas is anticipating adding a new service which could have a large learning curve dependent upon the customer acceptance level. Assuming that the current locations are very profitable, one may concur that any success at all will yield more demand upon the current staff. Assuming that the current staff is very specialized, adding one more service would, or could take a prolonged service delivery time which is currently less than 30 minutes. However, it is interesting to pursue the ideas behind whether Midas should open more stores, or increase the service delivered by staff……..Continued (04 Pages with References)


BUS644 Week 1 Discussion 1, Ethical Issues and Operations

Ethical behavior is a corporate issue that affects the company’s bottom line. How do ethical issues impact organizations and operations? Include an example seen in the workplace, in the news, etc. that relates to real-life situations. 

BUS 644 Week 1 Discussion 2, Business Processes

Why are the following business processes important? Which process do you feel is most important? Explain your reasoning.
    a. Strategy development
    b. Product development
    c. Systems to produce goods and services
    d. Order fulfillment

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