BUS 620 Week 5 Assignment, Discussion Question 1 and 2


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BUS 620 Week 5

BUS 620 Week 5 Assignment 1, Airbnb Rise to Success

The hotel industry has seen struggles with booking levels in major cities due to the increasing popularity of Airbnb a consumer sharing economy. The shifting business concept of non-ownership assets in allowing a simple idea tobringing people together through the better use of empty rooms. The growth of Airbnb has seen unprecedented growth here in the United States and expanding globally as well. The popularity of peer-to-peer sharing is collaborative consumption. Sharing, swapping, and renting personal possessions is disrupting the traditional economy of the company’s asset ownership and valued service………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

BUS 620 Week 5 Assignment 2, Marketing Challenges in a new Economy

Today, Starbucks has grown in size and considered to be the world famous number one coffee retailer.  The company has expanded to 10,000 coffee shops worldwide in more than 30 countries. They have 925 outlets in Japan, 730 in the U.K., 314 in Mexico” including the list of counties like “Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia” (Faris, 2012).   In Seattle “the chain has expanded into some 11,000 locations in the U.S.” (Faris, 2012).   However odd it may seem, Starbucks doesn’t have a coffee shop in Italy, the country that Schultz claims is responsible for getting him into coffee business……….Continued (05 Pages with References)

BUS620 Week 5 Discussion 1, Marketing Channels

Analyze the challenges that organizations face in the effective transition between selling products using the traditional brick and mortar marketing channel and selling products online. Synthesize the strategies that organizations like Zara and Wal-Mart. Two companies that are having difficulty developing eCommerce capability can implement to increase the effortless movement of customers between the traditional and online channels. What are the benefits and limitations of selling through a store front and online? 


BUS620 Week 5 Discussion 2, Going Global

Identify the strategies for entering into the global market. Assess the strengths and limitations of each. Give an example of a company that has made a success of doing business in the global economy. What lessons from McDonald’s success in the global marketplace are transferable across industries?

bus 620 week 5

bus 620 week 5