BUS 610 Week 6 Final Paper, Organizational Behavior Analysis


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BUS 610 Week 6 Final Paper 1, Organizational Behavior Analysis (McDonald)

The company opted for is McDonalds, and it holds a reputation among fast-food chain restaurants while operating with success all over the world. This aims to be efficient due to the point of view dedicated to achieving better outcomes. McDonalds has applied itself perfectly on worldwide degree and boasts retail shops in several countries. All the while, the organization keeps excellence in its services and products which are …..to the customers. This assists in supporting the business to generate higher results. The clientele is also thought to be successful due to the large number………….Continued

BUS 610 Week 6 Final Paper 2, Organizational Behavior Analysis (Coca Cola)

Culture is one of the most important elements of an organization that shapes the behavior and attitude of organizational members.  Organizational culture refers to the norms, values, policies, traditions, and style of working that is followed in an organization (Grant, 1996).  The organizational culture varies from organization to organization depending on the different factors.  It is the responsibility of the top management to set a flexible culture and share it with their employees.  Every organization has its own culture, which differentiates the organizations from each other.  It is essential that the cultural values and norms are ….with each member of the organization so that they follow the culture accordingly……….Continued