BUS 599 Week 2 Accounting Summary Report, Discussion


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BUS 599 Week 2 Assignment, Accounting Summary Report (Lemonade Stand)

The zero sales made on the third day prompted the change in business strategies to at least try to make some sales on the fifth day.  The weather also played a role here since it was clear and sunny and the temperature was at 88 degrees.  Increasing the number of ice cubes in the lemonade during this relatively hotter day led to the increase of sales from $ 0.00 to $ 4.15. The pricing remained though at $ 0.35 for one cup of lemonade………

BUS 599 Week 2 Discussion Question 1, Accrual Accounting

Write a four paragraph answer, citing the text, to – What difference does cash or accrual basis of accounting make to recording two tasks or functions of your current (or previous) job? Cite a specific example, including sample figures, of a case where cash vs. accrual accounting would make a significant difference.

BUS 599 Week 2 Discussion Question 2, Season One

Post your income and balance sheet that are going to be used in your accounting report. Point out two items in your report that you think are most interesting.bus 599 week 2