BUS 599 Week 1 Assignment, Accounting Summary Report


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BUS 599 Week 1 Assignment, Accounting Summary Report (Lemonade Stand)

Asset turnover ratio is an efficiency ratio that computes the efficiency of utilization of the company assets in generation of revenue. A higher ratio will mean that company or business has employed its assets in better use than a lower ratio. In the case of Lemonade stand, the ratio moved from 0.99 in season 1 to 1.06 in season 2. The efficiency ratio improved because of the decrease in the inventory level and the reduction in the cash amount in season 2. This means that the reduced assets held in season 2 were better put into use than the relatively higher assets in season 1. Season 3 asset …………continued

BUS 599 Week 1 Discussion 1, Accounting Statements

Write a four paragraph answer, citing the text, pretending that your current (or previous) job is its own company. Prepare a simple version of each of the 4 typical financial statements (see page 17) for this pretend company. Although it is not necessary to display statements, state what each of the statements tells you about your job

BUS 599 Week 1 Discussion 2, Lemonade Accounting

Review the accounting statements for this lemonade stand (see page 4 of the. What do these statements tell you about the operation?bus 599 week 1