BUS 499 Week 6 Assignment 3, Business-Level and Corporate-Level 1


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BUS 499 Week 6 Assignment 3, Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies (General Electric)

Analyzing GE’s corporate-level strategy from 2001 – present with Jeff Immelt as CEO, GE focuses on the growth and development platforms. Technology is the key driving force for GE’s future and growth. Advancements in industries such as energy, health and aviation fueled demand for cleaner and more efficient energy production. GE identified new markets with potential high-growth that offered attractive returns through strategic mergers and acquisitions. As CEO, Jeff Immelt established a process for identifying projects that offered attractive growth potential which were then nurtured and treated as special projects or initiatives that were not subject to strict budget constraints. Immelt introduced GE’s three strategic imperatives as: (1) sustaining its strong business model, (2) strengthening the business portfolio, and (3) driving its growth initiatives………..Continued (06 Pages with References)bus 499 week 6 assignment

bus 499 week 6 assignment

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