BUS 485 Week 5 CLC Assignment, Financial Plan for the Capstone Project


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BUS 485 Week 5 CLC AssignmentIf the Homework Hangout sells tutoring rates at 20$ an hour and pays tutors at $10 an hour, the company would need to sell 39,600 educational hours for a breakeven point.  Our previous numbers aren’t counting additional services on the side. Such as sporting and camping events, sleepovers, or specialty instruction like musical training and does not include possible concession sales.

The Homework Hangout Inc. will need to make sure that there are proper funding. They also need reliable sources of income to support and safeguard the importance of why the company was …and what it seeks to accomplish within the community. A majority of funding will be ….through the school district and the people who support the school system. Any donations of supplies from…….bus 485 week 5