BUS 475 Quiz Chapter 6 (40 out of 40 points)


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BUS 475 Quiz Chapter 6

  1. The unspoken understanding among employees of what is and is not acceptable behavior is called:
  2. Ethics policies typically cover all of the following issues except:
  3. Ethical challenges for information technology employees include:
  4. By law, the financial records of publicly held companies are required to be:
  5. Business managers need a set of ethical guidelines to help them:
  6. All of the following are considered to be ethical issues for marketing professionals except:
  7. Which country passed major anti-corruption reforms in 2016?
  8. Which U.S. Act prohibits executives representing U.S.-based companies from paying bribes to foreign government officials, political parties, or political candidates?
  9. Which of these components are not considered during a risk-assessment audit to gauge the effectiveness of a firm’s ethics programs?
  10. Most ethics or compliance officers are entrusted to: