BUS 409 Week3 Quiz 1 (45 out of 45 points)


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BUS 409 Week 3 Quiz 1

  1. Oftentimes, companies use this method to trim their payroll responsibilities by encouraging higher-paid workers with more seniority to voluntarily leave the company earlier than previously planned.
  2. This concept describes a company’s success when the company acquires or develops capabilities that facilitate outperforming the
  3. Which of the following is the use of oral, written, and non-verbal skills for multiple purposes?
  4. __________ is/are guiding principles that influence the way individuals and organizations behave within the society that they operate
  5. What do compensation managers use to recognize differences in the relative worth of jobs and to establish pay differentials based upon management priorities?
  6. Which of these actions would HR encourage in attempting to create a lowest-cost competitive strategy?
  7. Which of the following group is a stakeholder within a company?
  8. Which of the following competitive strategies does Apple Computer use?
  9. __________ is/are the ability to access, assess, interpret, manipulate, summarize, and communicate
  10. Which of the following is used to define and solve problems and to make decisions or form judgments related to a situation or set of circumstances?
  11. The success of HR departments depends on how well they serve the interests of which of the following stakeholder groups?
  12. In GE’s human resource leadership program (HRLP), successful participants will achieve which of the following?
  13. Since the economic recession (2007-2009) ended, fewer companies have offered pay increases, and those that do are offering lower Approximately, how much have pay increases been?
  14. These compensation systems go a long way in attracting and retaining the most qualified employees and are based upon market and compensation
  15. A company using this competitive strategy seeks to offer a product or service that is completely unique from other competitors in their market segment.