BUS 375 Week 5 Final Paper, Cultural Diversity Training, Discussion


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BUS 375 Week 5 Final Paper, Cultural Diversity Training

This final paper, will discuss the creation of a cultural diverse training program that will be implemented for all employees to take. The focus of this training course will teach and guide the employees and develop a strong ethical and cultural basis. The paper will touch on the legal implementations on creating a training course that involves cultural diversity, demographic diversity. It will also touch on the appropriate rules and regulations in regards to creating a training program…………Continued (8 Pages with References)

BUS 375 Week 5 Discussion 1, Coaching Versus Mentoring

Describe the main differences between coaching and mentoring. Give an example of a scenario in which coaching is the better method. Give an example in which mentoring is the better method.

BUS 375 Week 5 Discussion 2, Corporate Social Responsibility

How do these two organizations demonstrate corporate social responsibility? What role can HR take in creating a culture of corporate social responsibility?bus 375 week 5