BUS 375 Week 3 Assignment, E-Learning Pros and Cons


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BUS 375 Week 3 Assignment, E-Learning Pros and Cons

E-Learning has become extremely popular and beneficial in the last several years. E-Learning Is defined as “utilization of electronic technology to help in gaining in advancement of knowledge and understanding aimed at positive affecting the behaviors of the trainee”. E – Learning is a great training method for employees whether they are new or employees looking to better your skill set. Each training is method can be also utilized for the online school environment. A great example for training method, the company I currently work for home office is located in Corona California………………Continued (6 Pages with References)

BUS 375 Week 3 Assignment, E-Learning

Society is becoming more dependent on technology today and therefore education has become more reliant on E-Learning. Although everyone learns differently, everyone quite possibly can have their needs met educationally by E-Learning even with a few barriers that may stand in the way of the learning process. Beings a student at Ashford and taking online courses it has given me all the tools I need to be successful as well as the opportunity to do it in a time frame that best suites my needs being in the Army, working full time, and being a parent. When someone new wants to transition into E-Learning it is best to give them personal experiences and maybe allow………………Continued (5 Pages with References)

BUS 375 Week 3 Discussion 1, Kirkpatrick’s Taxonomy

As a human resource employee tasked with creating and evaluating a training course for your organization, how would you use Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy to evaluate the training? What could you do to minimize the disadvantage of the tool?

BUS 375 Week 3 Discussion 2, Beta-Testing

Read the article “ Apple Beta Testing an Update that kills Evasion Jailbreak”. In the textbook, beta testing is ……as used for formative evaluation and for fine-tuning. How does the story of Apple’s beta test meet the criteria ?