BUS 375 Week 1 Assignment, Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory


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BUS 375 Week 1 Assignment, Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory

Professor Vroom’s theory is similar to a mathematical equation. The equation goes expectancy, instrumentality, and valence. Expectancy is basically effort that a person puts in. A person may ask will the effort I put into this project be a high performance. Instrumentality is the actual performance a person puts into something. Would a person’s performance lead to a positive outcome within the company? Valence is the rewards given for the performance and effort inputted. One may ask, is the outcome something desirable? I just took an Army Leadership course and during………….Continued (9 Pages with References)

BUS 375 Week 1 Discussions 1, Views of Human Resource Development

In the textbook, two main views of human resource development are examined. Discuss the similarities and differences between the views of performance-based and development HRD. Which view do you believe is more relevant to your organization. Why?

BUS 375 Week 1 Discussion 2, Explicit, Implicit and Tacit Knowledge

Describe the three types of knowledge. Give an example of each of the three types of knowledge based on your position in your organization. Which of the three types of knowledge is the most difficult for a trainer to teach?bus 375 week 1