BUS 372 Week 5 Final Assignment, Union Organization, Discussion



BUS 372 Week 5 Final Assignment, Union Organization

When being the employer in this situation you have to be careful of the things you say and do to make sure you do not violate any of the terms that the National Labor Relations Board set. Employers normally tell the employees that they oppose of unionization. Employers can also let the employees know that there are disadvantage to joining a union like the union fines and fees. There is very thin ice when compromising with employees about joining a union. Under no circumstance can the employer promise pay raises, or better benefits if they agree to vote against the union. Employers can express their negative feelings about the union organizing but they have to be careful in the way they do so…………….Continued (06 Pages with References)

BUS 372 Week 5 Discussion 1, The Decline of Unions (Two Responses)

The decline of union membership in the United States raises questions about whether unions will continue to exist in their present configurations. What do you think are the major problems with unions that are costing them membership?

BUS 372 Week 5 Discussion 2, Globalization (Two Responses)

Globalization impacts all business, foreign and domestic. How does globalization impact a union in the United States? Is the impact positive or negative? What aspects of globalization do you think will have the greatest impact on unions? Why?

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