BUS 372 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 and 2, Quiz



BUS 372 Week 3 Discussion 1, Political Climate

The National Labor Relations Board consists of five members, who serve staggered terms and who are …..by the president of the United States. How do you think the president’s political outlook plays into who is …..to sit on the board? How might this impact the decisions made by the board from presidential term to term?

BUS 372 Week 3 Discussion 2, Public Pensions and Employer/Labor Relations

What are the political reasons public pensions are …….?
If the pension problem is political, what steps would have to occur to remedy the problem? Do you think such a remedy will ever take place?
If you do not see a remedy for the situation, what do you predict will happen to public pensions in the future?

BUS 372 Week 3 Quiz Answersbus 372 week 3

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