BUS 370 Week 4 Assignment, Organizational Interventions, Discussion


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BUS 370 Week 4 Assignment, Organizational Interventions

BUS 370 Week 4 Discussion 1, Personal Interventions

Personal Intervention: Reflect on this week’s lecture and, based on your limited knowledge, would you say that you are a D, I, S, or C? Write that down, then follow the link, and take a free DiSC assessment. DiSC. Once you complete the assessment, compare it to your initial observation based on the lecture. Read your results and notice the % in the pie chart of your results. The highest percentage will be your dominant or default style. Keep in mind we all have all of the DiSC components in our behaviors and adapt when necessary. Based on your results, how do you feel this information could benefit your personal and professional life?

BUS 370 Week 4 Discussion 2, Teams

Reflect on a team you currently belong to and see if you can identify Tuckman’s stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing. What stage are you currently in? Did you find difficulties with any of the stages? How did you negotiate the storming phase?bus 370 week 4