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BUS 370 Week 3 Assignment, Personal Change

Write a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) describing the concept of a Force Field Analysis (FFA). And then creating an FFA on an issue in your life that you would like to change. Describe how the restraining forces impede your progress and develop an intervention strategy to enhance the driving forces to make change possible.

BUS 370 Week 3 Discussion 1, Forbes Article

Read the Forbes article: “Every Leader Must be a Change Agent or Face Extinction”. Given that change is …..in organizations today. A leader must be prepared for change in order to multiply growth opportunities. How can leaders remain ready for change and motivate their employees to embrace those changes?

BUS 370 Week 3 Discussion 2, Change Assessment

Follow the link on page 3 and take the Change Readiness Assessment. Provide a summary of your results and a brief discussion stating if you agree with them, or not.

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