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BUS 370 Week 2 Assignment, Role and Styles of OD Consultants

BUS 370 Week 2 Discussion 1, Ethical Consulting

 A company that needs help with implementing a process you have little familiarity with has contacted you. Although you could most likely learn it, you would not be a subject matter expert in the period in which they need you. You are certain you could learn the process and could use the extra income, as your consulting has been a little slow. What are the implications for deciding not to take the assignment? What-are the implications for taking the assignment? What would you do and why?

BUS 370 Week 2 Discussion 2, Experience with Consultants (Two Sources)

Describe your experience with a consultant, either from your place of employment (current or previous), in the community, or as the consultant yourself. Thinking of this week’s lecture and the components of a contract, did he/she follow that process? If not, what was missed? Describe your experience.

If you do not have experience with a consultant, recall a situation from your experience where you would have benefited from having an OD Consultant. What would you have done as a consultant? Why?

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