BUS 322 Week 3 Assignment 1, What Makes __the Best Place to Work


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BUS 322 Week 3 Assignment 1, What Makes _____ the Best Place to Work and Why

For the basis of not having my degree yet working for a retail company like Target is ideal because it is not only fast paced but the scheduling is flexible. The company is known for rewarding its employees whom are also known as team members on a consistent basis. The store I currently work at host’s annual family day barbecues where team members can bring their families to enjoy activities while meeting their family member’s co-workers. This gives us a chance to get each other on a more personal level which in turn makes it that much easier to be team players at completing regular job duties. There are ample opportunities for advancement due to having different rankings of leadership and departments from fitting room staff to cashiers or even specific grocery team members. ……………..Continued (06 Pages with References)

bus 322 week 3 assignmentbus 322 week 3 assignment