BUS 322 Week 11 Quiz 10 (Question and Answers)


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BUS 322 Week 11 Quiz 10

  1. In which of the following career stages are work-home conflicts typically first encountered?
  2. The pattern of work-related experiences that span the course of a person’s life is………
  3. An implicit agreement between an individual and an organization that specifies what each is …..to give and receive in the relationship ……
  4. Sequences of job experiences along which employees move during their career is ……..
  5. A person who most typically provides evaluative feedback to a new employee is:
  6. An important issue for someone in the maintenance career stage is:
  7. ________ phase is likely to be difficult if resisted by either the mentor or the protégé
  8. An approach to building competencies by moving laterally through different departments or different projects is a:
  9. According to the career research of Edgar Schein, career anchors are:
  10. Almost 40 percent of new managers fail within the first 18 months on the job because of:
  11. In the context of organization choice, expectancy theory proposes that individuals choose organizations:
  12. In the context of career stage model, a person’s most significant career achievements are most likely to occur in the
  13. Freedom is the key to which of the following career anchors?
  14. When examining career stages, Levinson has recommended that because work and life are inseparable, you should also take into account:
  15. In which of the following career stages do individuals reassess their goals and feel the need to make changes in their career dreams?
  16. An employee’s resistance to change that introduces ambiguity into what was once a comfortable situation is the result of:
  17. ________ is a widely ….intervention method whereby employee attitudes are solicited using a questionnaire.
  18. The outcome of ________ is a better understanding between two parties in a work-relationship.
  19. In Lewin’s force field analysis technique, the maintenance of status quo can be viewed as a(n):
  20. When an organization fine-tunes its operations, it is going through a(n) bus 322 week 11 quiz
  21. All of the following are targets of diagnosis in organization development except:
  22. Which of the following is an example of an external force for change?
  23. Action learning is an effective individual-focused intervention technique that enhances
  24. The contemporary view of managing resistance to change by establishing a feeling of ownership among employees is:
  25. When external assistance is ……to executives concerning their interpersonal skills, conflict resolution styles, decision approaches, and leadership styles, ________ 
  26. Which of the following is NOT an individually …..organization development technique
  27. The final step in Lewin’s change model is:
  28. A good organization development effort that can relieve role ambiguity and conflict is
  29. All of the following are group-……development techniques except:
  30. Fear of loss and the unknown are:

bus 322 week 11 quiz 10bus 322 week 11 quiz