BUS 322 Week 1 Quiz 1 (Questions and Answers)


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BUS 322 Week 1 Quiz 1

  1. Which of the following is an informal element of an organization bus 322 week 1 quiz 1 ?
  2. Troubleshooting is an example of ________.
  3. In an open system the transformation or conversion of inputs to outputs is ……with:
  4. The human, informational, material, and financial resources of an organization system would be considered ________.
  5. Objective knowledge, in any field of study, is developed through ________.
  6. The wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs in an organization is called the organization’s
  7. A significant aspect of total quality management is:
  8. The science of human behavior is:
  9. A questioning, probing attitude is at the core of:
  10. Culture and the study of learned behavior comprise the domain of:
  11. Kurt Lewin may have best …..alternative explanations for human behavior when he …..that behavior is a function of:
  12. The manufacturing sector ________.
  13. The recent emphasis on sources and treatment of hypertension with respect to occupational health and well-being is an example of a contribution from the discipline of ________.
  14. ________ is the total dedication to continuous improvement and to customers so that the customers’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded.
  15. Which of the following groups of factors make managing organizational behavior challenging?
  16. The obligation of an organization to behave in ethical ways is …..as bus 322 week 1 quiz 1
  17. Given the increasing attractiveness of U.S. business ventures in China, a major challenge for Western managers will be to understand the Chinese practice of guanxi, which is the:
  18. A transnational organization is one where:
  19. An expatriate manager is one who:
  20. The implicit or explicit demands for sexual favors by threatening negative job-related consequences or promising job-related rewards is ……..:
  21. Which generation of workers tends to strive for moral rights in the workplace and take a more activist position regarding employee rights?
  22. Which of the following is NOT a classification for ethical theories?
  23. Managing diversity requires:
  24. The major difference between prejudice and discrimination is:
  25. A well-known consequential theory which suggests that right and wrong is ……by the consequence of the action and we should maximize the most good for the greatest number of people is:
  26. The work of Hofstede is important because his studies …..that more differences in work-related attitudes can be explained by:
  27. Crude comments or sexual jokes and behaviors that disparage someone’s sex or convey hostility is …..:
  28. An ethical theory that emphasizes the nature and characteristics of an act is:
  29. According to your text, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are likely to be at a disadvantage within organizations because:
  30. Sexual harassment costs the typical Fortune 500 company:bus 322 week 1 quiz