BUS 310 Week 8 Discussion 1 and 2 with Answers


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BUS 310 Week 8 Discussion 1, Employee Well-Being

The economic downturn has caused several companies to lay off workers, leaving those workers who remain to do the work of their former coworkers. From the e-Activity, assess how the HR department can help employees deal with the stress of doing more work. Determine how important it is for HR departments to address employee stress.
Assess the initiatives, methods, and ways the HR department can address employee well-being to determine at least three basic must do things every HR department must do and three things that would be nice to do. Provide a rationale with your choices

BUS 310 Week 8 Discussion 2, Best Practices and Government Regulation

With the increasing use of technology in the workplace. Determine if workplace security is getting easier or more difficult for organizations to manage. Support your response with evidence or examples. Take a position on which employee regulation covered in the textbook seems outdated and needs to be updated. Indicate how you would update it.bus 310 week 8 discussion

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