BUS 310 Week 7 Discussion 1 and 2 with Answers


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BUS 310 Week 7 Discussion 1, Performance Appraisal and Career Management

Take a position on the following. A lousy performance appraisal system or process is better than not giving employees any type of performance appraisal. Support your position with evidence or examples.
From the video, determine the most important consideration in designing an effective performance appraisal system for a specific type of organization. Support your determination

BUS 310 Week 7 Discussion 2, Labor Relations

Analyze the collective bargaining process, negotiating labor agreements. And resolving impasses, and determine how these activities will evolve in the foreseeable future.
From the e-Activity, analyze the effects that revoking state employees collective bargaining rights may have on all union employees across all industries in the U.S. Support your analysis with evidence or examples.bus 310 week 7

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