BUS 309 Quiz Week 4 Chapter 3 (30 out of 30 points)


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BUS 309 Week 4 Quiz Chapter 3

  1. The first principle of Nozick’s entitlement theory concerns the original acquisition of:
  2. Rawls rejects utilitarianism because
  3. Eminent domain is the ancient right of government to take what from an individual?
  4. The veil of ignorance proposes that:
  5. To the libertarians, their concept of liberty includes a commitment to:
  6. If libertarianism is true, which of these statements is true?
  7. The veil of ignorance assures us that people in the original position will be:
  8. Aristotle’s formal principle of justice states,
  9. What philosopher believes the maximin rule is relevant to justice?
  10. Primary social goods include:
  11. According to libertarianism,
  12. According to John Rawls,
  13. In Nozick’s example of Wilt Chamberlain, he argues that other theories of economic justice inevitably fail to respect people’s:
  14. According to Mill’s utilitarianism,
  15. The Supreme Court gave decision-making power for Eminent domain to the: