BUS 303 Week 5 Final Reflective Paper (03 Papers)


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BUS 303 Week 5 Final Reflective Paper 1

The intended purpose of this paper is to reflect on the knowledge gained concerning the multiple roles of a human resource manager.  Human resource managers are essential to the organization’s success while considering every aspect of the organization’s goals.  The primary functions of Human Resource Management are the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action, the planning, recruitment, and selection of new employees, internal development, compensation and…………continued (9 Pages with References)

BUS 303 Week 5 Final Reflective Paper 2

Human Resource Management, also known as HRM, plays a crucial role in making sure that a company’s objectives and goals can be achieved through effectiveness and contribution of employees. HRM is a branch that is …to help businesses and organizations control their workers. The Human Resource Management department is entangled with multiple functions such as affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, human resources development; human resources planning, recruitment, and selection; compensation and benefits; safety and health; and employee and labor relations. For human resources management to play a vital role in the success of a company……….continued (7 Pages with References)

BUS 303 Week 5 Final Reflective Paper 3

In any given organization, there are several departments that are very vital.  However, human resource management plays a crucial role especially in dealing with the employees. It incorporates knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and talents, beliefs all presented by the employees in the organization. Human resource is a natural force that forms part of the organizational structure which deals with the workforce within the organization. It assists the organization in leveraging their objectives through rational and strategic moves towards the firm’s most valuable assets- workforce. The essence of Human……….continued (8 Pages with References)bus 303 week 5 final