BUS 300 Week 4 Quiz 3 Chapters 5 and 6 – Question and Answers


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BUS 300 Week 4 Quiz 3 Chapters 5 and 6

  1. Public relations counseling opportunities are likely to grow in which of the following nonprofit areas?
  2. Similar to other top-level managers, public relations managers need to
  3. The section of a public relations plan that provides an overview is referred to as
  4. If public relations is to be the “interpreter” for management philosophy, policy, and programs, then the director for the function should report to the
  5. According to a 2008 survey, which of the following is true today about the practice of public relations in the United States?
  6. According to a 2007 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, annual “median annual salary” in major categories of public relations
  7. Among the most essential steps in the public relations management process are
  8. PERT and Gantt are tools that can help public relations practitioners use to bus 300 week 4 quiz 3
  9. The “boundary role” concept
  10. Today, about ________ of the practitioners in corporate public relations departments report to the chairman, president, and/or CEO.
  11. Which of the following dictates overall business objectives?
  12. Public relations professionals who support the primary business of the organization are in ________ positions.
  13. An ideal client-agency relationship is to have free-flowing communication between an in-house department and an outside agency for public relations because
  14. The overriding rule when it comes to agency budgeting is to bus 300 week 4 quiz 3
  15. Among various public relations duties, which of the following would likely be done by share owner or investor relations people?
  16. Which ethical core value would practitioners demonstrate if they sought information even for a rude reporter?
  17. Which core value do professionals demonstrate when they reason against “rock-headed” policy ideas presented by, for example, human resources personnel on behalf of the CEO?
  18. Professional ethics
  19. Who said that “an organization is the lengthened shadow of a …” person?
  20. If journalists were to follow the Code of Ethics published by the Society of Professional Journalists, they would
  21. The “golden mean” of moral virtue advocates
  22. As the “conscience” of an organization, public relations practitioners
  23. The two-way communication model for ethics
  24. John Stuart Mill’s approach to ethics recommended bus 300 week 4 quiz 3
  25. Which of the following is a reason to have a corporate code of ethics?
  26. The enlightened self-interest model for ethical practice is based on the principle of
  27. The essence of corporate social responsibility is
  28. A 2007 survey of teenagers conducted by Junior Achievement and Deloitte found
  29. What impacts the ethical state of electronic journalism?
  30. The responsible advocacy model of ethics