BIS 320 Week 5 IT Strategic Project Plan Paper and Presentation


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BIS 320 Week 5 Individual Assignment, IT Strategic Project Plan Paper

Data communication can be disruptive and damaging to the efficiency of the progress if the system is not working correctly.  Project planning methodology that I recommend and. With the data communication system this will able the company to other who they are dealing with delivered information better and faster and be able to update data better and the customer can get it much sooner. This will have make the process much better and easy to make the process work a little better for other company to see how the upgrade have improved the company communications. There are many ways that this can help the company with this new communication system you can have video conference, meeting, one on one or group meeting and telephone conference or voice web conference………….Continued (07 Pages with References)

BIS 320 Week 5 Individual Assignment, IT Strategic Project Presentation

10 Slides with References

  • Project Proposal Summary
  • Summary Data Communication Plan
  • Collaboration and e-commerce Recommendations
  • Security Plan
  • Call to Actionbis 320 week 5



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