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BIOL 1001 Week 4 Exam – Introduction to Biology

  1. How could two parents with curly hair (a dominant condition) have boys and girls with straight hair (a recessive condition)?
  2. What is the role of fossils in supporting the theory of common descent?
  3. If a blue-colored flower crossed with a white-colored flower produced a light blue-colored flower o” spring, then it’s most likely a case
  4. Match each model of life on earth in column 1 with its description in column 2.
  5. Species do change over time and new species can arise, but each group of species derives from a separate ancestor that arose independently.
  6. Phenotypic features that are coded for by several genes, such as eye color in humans, are called:
  7. Which of the following groupings are in order from broadest to narrowest?
  8. Because of the law of independent assortment:
  9. You discover a primate fossil while on an expedition in Africa. Which part of the skeleton would you be most interested in examining in order to classify this primate as a human or a nonhuman primate? (BIOL 1001 week 4 exam)
  10. Batwings are homologous to the front legs of cats. What does the term homologous means in this context ?
  11. In humans, heterozygotes are referred to as , particularly when the recessive allele is associated with a genetic disease.
  12. Assuming that the genes are on separate chromosomes, an organism with the genotype AaBb will make gametes in the following proportions: 1/4 AB, 1/4 Ab, 1/4 aB, and 1/4 ab. This is an example of:
  13. Which of the following statements is false?
  14. A heterozygous organism:
  15. Nonfunctional traits in some species that are functional in others, such as flightless birds
  16. Cystic fibrosis is caused by the allele f, which is completely recessive to the normal dominant allele F. Consider a couple with the genotype Ff. What is the chance that their first child will develop cystic fibrosis?
  17. Inland mammals, the pelvic girdle serves to connect the legs to the rest of the skeleton. Whales have a small residual pelvic girdle that does not attach to anything. This is an example of .
  18. How many genetically di”erent types of sperm could an animal that is heterozygous-dominant for one trait produce?
  19. Dihybird crosses involve——-traits
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