BIAM 530 Week 1 Homework Answers, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2


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BIAM 530 Week 1 Homework Chapter 1 and 2

Complete the problems at the end of Chapter 1: Problems 1–10.

Complete the problems at the end of Chapter 2: Problems 1–6.

Submit your numbered answers to all problems in a single Microsoft Word document. Some of these problems require you to draw entity relationship diagrams (ERDs), or class diagrams. For this assignment, you may sketch these diagrams by hand and insert a photo or scanned image of your sketch in your Word document. Make sure your sketches are legible in the document. If you choose, you may also create these diagrams using the drawing tools in MS Word, or create the diagrams in MS Visio or another application and copy and paste them into your Word document. You will learn more about using MS Visio to create these diagrams in Week 2.

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