AMP 450V Week 4 Assignment, Discussion Question 1 and 2


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AMP 450V Week 4 Assignment, Critical Decision Making for Providers
View the scenario called “Critical Decision Making for Providers” foud in the Allied Health Community media (
In a 750-1,200 word paper, describe the scenario involving Mike, the lab technician, and answer the following questions:

What were the consequences of a failure to report?

What impact did his decision have on patient safety, on the risk for litigation, on the organization’s quality metrics, and on the workload of other hospital departments?
As Mike’s manager, what will you do to address the issue with him and ensure other staff members do not repeat the same mistakes?

AMP 450V Week 4 Discussion Question 1

The author of the assigned article, “Shattuck Lecture: A Successful and Sustainable 

Health System — How to Get There from Here” 

2048/docview/929159711?accountid=7374) maintains that a sustainable health system has three key attributes. What are these three key attributes and what recommendations are offered to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and optimal functioning?

AMP450V Week 4 Discussion Question 2

How can a crisis situation make collaboration and trust stronger in a group? Why does this happen? How can staff development improve rapport among colleagues and build trust across departments.amp 450v week 4