AMP 450V Week 3 Assignment, Discussion Question 1 and 2


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AMP 450V Week 3 Assignment, Collaborative Decision Making Through Shared Governance
Attend a committee meeting in your health care organization. If you are not currently employ in a health care setting, you may elect to attend a committee meeting at another company, a community center, a local school, local chamber of commerce or other professional organization.

Observe the interactions between committee members and the process used by the committee to arrive at decisions.

In 500-750 words, describe the function of the committee and the roles of those in attendance. Describe your observations of the interactions between members of the committee and determine whether the process ….to arrive at decisions is a form of ….governance.

A minimum of two academic references from credible sources are ……for this assignment.

AMP 450V Week 3 Discussion Question 1
Find an organization related to your health care discipline and identify the mission and vision statement. Based on your experiences as a member of the health care team, explain how the values of the organization are or are not ……in these statements.

AMP 450V Week 3 Discussion Question 2
Professional mentorship has been identified as an important component of professional engagement, professional growth, and advancement. Consider your own professional journey. Has a mentor shaped your professional advancement? Share a mentor experience from your personal or professional life. What benefits did the experience offer you? How might you mentor other providers seeking to advance in your discipline?amp 450v week 3