ADM 624 Week 3 Assignment Case 5.1 A Strategy is Born


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ADM 624 Week 3 Assignment Case 5.1 A Strategy is Born

Read Case Study 5.1. Answer Questions 1, 2, and 3 at the end of Case Study 5.1.

Each question should be answered in an essay format of approximately 250-500 words. Ensure your paper answers the questions and uses concepts studied in the module and from the reading. Support your answers with personal experiences, current events, and references to the reading.

  1. Which planning model do you think best rep-resents the events described in this case the rational planning model or logical instrumentalism?
  2. Governmental planning takes many diverse forms. A very partial list of large-scale governmental planning activities would have to include at least the following: planning for the conservation and use of natural resources, city planning, planning for full employment, planning for personal and family security, planning for agriculture, and planning for the improvement of government organization. What lessons do you see in this case that might be relevant to these other planning activities?
  3. Ricks concludes that the surge, although successful on the tactical level, faltered on the strategic one. What do you think he means? Does Petraeus’ group bear any responsibility?adm 624 week 3