ACC 561 Week 3 Tootsie Roll Industries Loan Package, CVP and Break-even Analysis


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ACC 561 Week 3: Tootsie Roll Industries Incorporated is a well-established company with an empowered history. The ratio analysis of the financial statements for Tootsie Roll Industries has shown that it is a good company to invest in. The liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratios all show to have healthy numbers and rates for the company.  The company is in the process of implementing strategic tactics that will increase profits throughout the company. Tootsie Roll Industries expects the loan and has proven to be a good investment from their past and current profits.  The company believes, if given the loan, the new advertising goals will create more profits and lead to expansion.  Tootsie Roll industries believes it is a solid investment, and the company will produce more profit for the company and shareholders when given loan funds……..Continuedacc 561 week 3