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ABS 300 Week 1 Discussion, Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Assessment

ABS 300 Week 1 Quiz, Foundational Concepts in Psychological Assessment

ABS300 Week 2 Assignment 1, Clinical History Report Draft (Timothy Childers)

ABS300 Week 2 Assignment 2, Clinical History report Draft (Kyle Jones)

ABS_300 Week 2 Discussion, Reliability, Validity and Cultural Fairness

ABS_300 Week 3 Assessment, Review of the WPPSI-IV and WIAT-III

ABS300 Week 3 Assignment, Review of Cognitive Assessments

ABS300 Week 3 Discussion, Application of Intelligent Assessment – Professional Painter

ABS_300 Week 3 Discussion, Applications of Intelligence Assessment – High School English Teacher

ABS_300 Week 3 Quiz, Assessing Intelligence

ABS 300 Week 4 Discussion 1, Personality Assessment

ABS_300 Week 4 Discussion 2, Tele-Assessment

ABS300 Week 4 Journal, Evaluating Professional and Popular Press Self-discovery Assessments

ABS300 Week 4 Quiz, Assessing Personality and Emotional Functioning

ABS_300 Week 5 Discussion, Applied Assessment Care 1

ABS_300 Week 5 Discussion, Applied Assessment Care 2

ABS300 Week 5 Final Paper, Psychological Assessment Report

ABS300 Week 5 Quiz, Clinical, Counseling, Neuropsychological & Forensic Assessment