PAD 500 Week 7 Assignment 3,The Concept of Program Reengineering

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PAD 500 Week 7 Assignment 3, The Concept of Program Reengineering

Alan Painter, Director of the Community Services Division of the Department of Housing and Human Services, listened attentively to the new Mayor’s remarks. Painter has dedicated his professional career to serving the needs of homeless people. He was proud and excited to hear Schell’s passion and commitment to addressing homelessness in Seattle. At the same time, he viewed the pledge with some trepidation. Counting the number of homeless people on the street at any given time is notoriously tricky, influenced by many factors. Further, he wondered how this pledge would dovetail with City priorities and plans for dealing with homelessness. These plans emphasize services to homeless people rather than just providing beds and they stress the need for other jurisdictions to share in funding homeless services. The next six months promised to keep Alan Painter very busy...........

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