HRM 595 Negotiation Skills Assignment, Discussion, Final Exam

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HRM 595 Negotiation Skill Homework Help, Assignment, Final

HRM 595 Week 1

Assignment, Personal Bargaining Inventory Answer Worksheet

Discussion Question 1,  Noisy Neighbors

Discussion Question 2, Sick Leave

HRM 595 Week 2

Assignment, Field Analysis

Discussion Question 1, What is Framing & Why Should I do It

Discussion Question 2, Movie Night-Personality & Negotiation

HRM 595 Week 3

Assignment, Negotiation Analysis Course Project Proposal

Discussion Question 1, Seeing Things My Way

Discussion Question 2, Winning at Win-Lose

HRM 595 Week 4

Week 4 Assignment, Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Tutorial

Discussion Question 1, Why Integrative Bargaining

Discussion Question 2, Finding Alternative Solutions

HRM 595 Week 5

Homework Assignment, Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation

Discussion Question 1, You Just Don't Understand

Discussion Question 2, Impasse-What Happened

HRM 595 Week 6

Assignment, You Decide Worksheet

Discussion Question 1, Negotiating With Relationships

Discussion Question 2, Forming & Managing Multi-Party Coalitions

HRM 595 Week 7

Assignment, Negotiation Analysis Paper, Course Project Final Draft

Discussion Question 1, Power in Negotiations

Discussion Question 2, Your Lying and Cheating Ways

HRM 595 Week 8

HRM 595 Final Exam

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