COM 200 Interpersonal Communications Week 1 to 5

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COM 200 Interpersonal Communications Assignment, Discussion, Quiz

COM 200 Week 1

Assignment Article Critique Masking Poor Communication

Discussion 1, Learning New Skills

Discussion 2, The Self and Communication

COM 200 Week 2

Assignment Article Critique Talking Styles

Discussion 1, Improving Verbal Communication

Discussion 2, Nonverbal Miscommunication

COM 200 Week 2 Quiz (Questions and Answers)

COM 200 Week 3

Assignment, Article Critique Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Communication

Assignment, Final Paper Outline

Discussion 1, Everyone Has a Culture

Discussion 2, Willingness to Listen

COM 200 Week 4

Assignment, Interpersonal Conflict

Assignment, Interpersonal Conflict in Film

Discussion 1, Empathy

Discussion 2, Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships

COM 200 Week 4 Quiz (Question and Answers)

COM 200 Week 5

Assignment Final Paper Letter of Advice

Discussion 1, Unprofessional Work Environments

Discussion 2, The Influence of Mediated Communication

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