BUS 308 Week 3 Assignment, AVONA and Paired T- test, DQ, Quiz

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BUS 308 Week 3 Assignment, AVONA and paired T-test

At this point we know the following about male and female salaries.

a. Male and female overall average salaries are not equal in the population.
b. Male and female overall average compas are equal in the population, but males are a bit more spread out.
c. The male and female salary range is almost the same, as is their age and service.
d. Average performance ratings per gender are equal.

Let's look at some other factors that might influence pay - education (degree) and performance ratings.

1. Last week, we found that average performance ratings do not differ between males and females in the population.  Now we need to see if they differ among the grades. Is the average performance rating the same for all grades? (Assume variances are equal across the grades for this ANOVA.)
2. While it appears that average salaries per each grade differ, we need to test this assumption. Is the average salary the same for each of the grade levels? (Assume equal variance, and use the analysis toolpak function ANOVA.). Use the input table to the right to list salaries under each grade level.
3. The table and analysis below demonstrate a 2-way ANOVA with replication.  Please interpret the results.
4. Many companies consider the grade midpoint to be the "market rate" - what is needed to hire a new employee. Does the company, on average, pay its existing employees at or above the market rate?
5. Using the results up thru this week, what are your conclusions about gender equal pay for equal work at this point?

Discussion 1: ANOVA Testing

Discussion 2: Effect Size

Quiz (02 Sets, 20 MCQ's)

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